The Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association (SCBA) is a non-profit organization founded by a group of professionals working in biomedical field at University of Washington. It was officially registered in 1993 with its members distributed in universities, hospitals, research institutes and bio-pharmaceutical companies in Seattle area.

As described in the Mission Statement, SCBA strives to provide a forum for the exchange of information related to life science as well as normal life for the Chinese community in the Seattle area. The association has hosted many scientific seminars and invited speakers from other areas in USA and China. The association has also organized many other activities to meet different requirements from the members.

If you are working at biomedical field area, or are interested in life science, you are welcome to join the SCBA. We need your suggestions, participation and support!



Promote interation among biomedical researchers in the Seattle area


Deliver updated information from the biomedical field


Provide greater opportunies for educational exchange


Build a friendship among researchers


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  • 西雅图华人生物医学协会2017年全体会员大会暨年会

    翘首以待的西雅图华人生物医学协会2017年年会将于10月29日在华盛顿大学基因组科学楼 Foege-060演讲厅举行。本次年会我们荣幸邀请到四位在学术界及工业界颇具造诣的研究 人员作大会报告。他们分别是:1,年会的主旨演讲人、美国医学与生物工程院研究员、 华盛顿大学放射系与生物工程系教授、血管壁成像实验室与生物分子影像中心主任苑纯博 士,报告题目“磁共振血管壁成像 – 临床与基础医学上的应用”;2,美国医学与生物工程院 研究员、华盛顿大学生物工程系教授高虓虎博士,报告题目“癌症分子成像与诊断 ”;3,西雅图EpiThany公司创始人兼总裁威廉·瓦特博士,报告题目“一型T辅助细胞 (Th1)表位疫苗作为癌症免疫治疗组合之关键”;4,华盛顿大学药学系穆庆鑫博士,报 告题目“用于癌症治疗的多功能纳米颗粒”。与历届年会一样,本次年会必将是大西雅图 地区华人生物医学学者们齐聚一堂、交流学术心得、寻求合作机会和推动科研发展的又一 次盛会。协会热诚欢迎各界关注生物医学的人士届时光临。 年会时间:2017年10月29日(星期日) 下午1点,会员签到与注册;1点半至六点,大会报告;六点起,晚餐与社交。 年会地点: UW Genome Sciences Building Foege 060, 3720 15th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105。届时会场附近的华盛顿大学 S1 停车场以及其它停车场均可免费停车。 年会费用:普通会员费,15美元;学生会员费,10美元;终身会员费,150美元。 请有意参加2017年协会年会的会员与朋友,在10月25日前注册报名并缴纳会员费 报名请点击: SCBA Membership Annual Regular $15.00 USD Annual Student $10.00 USD Life Time $150.00 USD

  • SCBA Invitational Lecture and Round Table Discussion Guest – Dr. Rui-Ping Xiao 特邀讲座与座谈会 (北京大学肖瑞平教授)

    When: Saturday July 8, 2017; starting from 7:00 PM Where: UW Medical Campus, Room HSB K-450 Address: 1959 NE Pacific St., Seattle, WA 98195 MG53 and CardioMetabolic Disease (MG53 与心脏代谢疾病) By Rui-Ping Xiao, MD, PhD (肖瑞平教授) Senior Investigator and Director, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University After the lecture, Dr. Xiao will discuss with the […]

  • Academic Seminar in June 2017

    When: Saturday June 3, 2017; starting from 7:00 PM Where: UW Health Science Building Room K-450 (1959 NE Pacific St. Seattle, WA 98195) 1. Development, Understanding, and Applications of Carbon Materials 碳材料的科学问题和技术应用 By Guozhong Cao, PhD (Boeing-Steiner Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering, UW) 2. Gut Microbiome: A Novel […]