SCBA–美国华大基因BGI Americas将联合举办华大基因产品和服务宣讲会


我们SCBA将于2022年9月23日周五下午4点钟联合美国华大基因BGI Americas举办一个华大基因产品和服务宣讲会。地点是在UW South Lake Union Campus, E building, 5th floor Conference Room E501 (Address: 750 Republican St, Seattle, WA 98109). 欢迎大家积极参会,届时华大基因将会提供简便晚餐:披萨和饮料。具体详情会在收到华大基因的宣传材料后发出。

这次会议华大基因参与者有如下四位:Dr. Yongwei Zhang, VP of BGI Group, and CEO of Americas Region; Dr. Guanghui Han, Senior Director at San Jose Mass Spectrometry Center BGI Americas. Dr. Hongyan An, Regional Sales Manager BGI Americas; Renyu Li, Field Application Scientist BGI Americas.

BGI Americas 今年正在推出一项仪器免费租用项目:

Since MGI Tech and BGI Genomics have begun selling their sequencing products in the US, they want to let as many potential users/customers/collaborators know about their high-quality lower-cost alternative to Illumina. In addition, as a promotion during this year, they will provide free instruments with reagent rental model to selected Key Opinion Leaders’ labs.

The key terms for the free instrument reagent rental model are:

1. Lease of a DNBSEQ-G400C sequencer (US version of DNBSEQ-G400: [] []) for a period of 12 or 24 months. This model’s performance is similar to NextSeq 2000. Instrument Ownership remains with MGI.

2. Lab only needs to pay $10,000 up front for shipping, installation and training.

3. Lab is committed to do certain activities for MGI, such as presentation of data for MGI at conferences or marketing events, or publish application notes etc.

4. Lab is committed to minimum purchase of $?? Of reagents per month during lease period.

5. If Lab fails to meet the commitments in #3 and 4, MGI has right to take instrument back with the lab paying $5,000 for un-installation and shipment.

The exact details in #3 and 4 are negotiable. This is a limited time offer: Agreement must be signed by 11/30/2022.

如果哪位会员的实验室对上面的free instruments with reagent rental model感兴趣,请直接写信联系Dr. Yongwei Zhang, VP of BGI Group, and CEO of Americas Region (, 预约下个周四9/22或者周五9/23跟Dr. Yongwei Zhang见面详谈. 多谢!


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