May 2014

Dear members,

The Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association (SCBA) Board is delighted to announce three upcoming events that will take place in the rest of 2014. On June 7th, we will host a panel discussion about career development in industry, featuring four active members from local pharma/biotech companies. On August 9th, our annual summer BBQ picnic will be held at the Matthew Beach, where new and old members can get together, relax, and socialize. On Novemer 1st, we will celebrate
our organization’s 20th anniversary with the long-due annual full member meeting, highlighted by a prominent keynote speaker, a review of our activities, and election of the new President,Secretary-General, and Board members.

Please mark your calendar and look out for announcement of the details of these exciting activities. We are looking forward to seeing you on all three events.

Sincerely yours,

ZHENG Ning, PhD, President
TIAN Qiang, MD PhD, Secretary-General

On behalf of the SCBA Board

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