SCBA Academic Career Panel Discussion Nov 21, 2015

Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association (SCBA) will be hosting a panel discussion on career development:

Path to be a faculty and a successful PI.

When: Nov. 21, 2015, Saturday, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
What: Panel Discussion on Academic Career Development
Where: UW Health Science Building Rm K-450
Address: 1959 NE Pacific Street Seattle 98115
Parking: Free Parking in UW S1 Parking Lot

At current economic and research funding situation, a lot of postdocs and PhD students feel that finding a faculty position and being a successful PI are difficult and challenging. In order to provide assistance and general advice in the academic career development, we have invited several highly successful faculty members in Seattle area to lead the panel discussion. The discussion leaders are at different stages of their career from junior faculty to well established professors. All of them had made very successful transitions from postdocs to faculty and they are extremely successful as PIs.

Career path is always case by case. However, there are many common features on finding a faculty position and on being a well funded PI. The invited discussion leaders will share their successful career stories and experience. They will also give general advice and suggestions. This panel discussion will provide a great chance for postdocs and graduate students to interact with successful PIs and to ask any questions they may have on their career development so they can be more prepared for their future career. The discussion will be especially helpful for those postdocs or PhD students who are planning to go on academic career pathway. Junior faculty will also find the discussion beneficial by hearing the successful stories and suggestions from well established professors.

Invited Panelists:

古良才 博士 Dr. Liangcai Gu, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Assistant Professor of Genome Sciences at UW
王 望 博士 Dr. Wang Wang, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at UW
白继红 博士 Dr. Jihong Bai, Assistant Member at Fred Hutch & Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry at UW
田 强 博士 Dr. Qiang Tian, Affiliate Associate Professor of Medicine at UW & Scientific Director at P4 Medicine Institute
林惠国 博士 Dr. Edward Lin, Associate Member at Fred Hutch & Associate Professor of Medicine at UW
郑 宁 博士 Dr. Ning Zheng, Professor of Pharmacology at UW & Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
许文清 博士 Dr. Wenqing Xu, Professor of Biological Structure at UW

Registration is not required but RSVP to is highly appreciated.

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