SCBA Invitational Lecture and Round Table Discussion Guest – Dr. Rui-Ping Xiao 特邀讲座与座谈会 (北京大学肖瑞平教授)

When: Saturday July 8, 2017; starting from 7:00 PM
Where: UW Medical Campus, Room HSB K-450
Address: 1959 NE Pacific St., Seattle, WA 98195

MG53 and CardioMetabolic Disease (MG53 与心脏代谢疾病)

By Rui-Ping Xiao, MD, PhD (肖瑞平教授)
Senior Investigator and Director, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University

After the lecture, Dr. Xiao will discuss with the SCBA members on the research environment in China, the development opportunities
of returning to China for different levels of researchers, and other research and career-related topics.

Please note: The Health Science Building is locked on Saturdays. If you do not have an access to the building, please arrive at
the UW Rotunda southern entrance (the side closer to the canal and UW S1 Parking Lot) between 6:45 PM and 7:00 PM. A member will
let you get into the building and lead you to the Room K-450.

We look forward to seeing you at the Invitational Lecture and the Round Table Discussion!

Academic Seminar in June 2017

When: Saturday June 3, 2017; starting from 7:00 PM

Where: UW Health Science Building Room K-450 (1959 NE Pacific St. Seattle, WA 98195)

1. Development, Understanding, and Applications of Carbon Materials
By Guozhong Cao, PhD (Boeing-Steiner Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering, UW)

2. Gut Microbiome: A Novel Regulator at the Interface between Xenobiotic and Intermediary Metabolism
By Julia Yue Cui, PhD, DABT (Sheldon D. Murphy Endowed Chair in Toxicology and Environmental Health, Department of Environmental and Occupational
Health Sciences, UW)

Please note: The Health Science Building is locked on Saturdays. If you do not have an access to the building, please arrive at the UW Rotunda southern
entrance (the side closer to the canal and UW S1 Parking Lot) between 6:45 PM and 7:00 PM. A member will let you get into the building and lead you to
the Room K-450.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association 二零一七年二月份特别学术活动通知 Special Academic Seminar in February 2017

When: February 25th, 2017 (Saturday), starting from 1:30 pm
Where: Westin Bellevue (600 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004)
What: four topics
1. Towards Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory (P4)
2. Deconstructing and Reconstructing Neural Network
3. Advances in Cancer Therapy with Antibody Technology
4. Imaging-guided nanoparticles for cancer diagnostics and treatment

时间:2017 年2 月25 日(星期六)下午1:30 – 4:00
内容:Asian American Engineer of the Year (AAEOY) Award and conference Seminar
地点:Westin Bellevue, Washington (600 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004)
作为主要协办单位之一,西雅图华人生物医学协会将参与全美亚裔工程师协会 2017年年会,并被邀请主持一个专题讲座:Track 4, Biomedicine and Biotechnology,请感兴趣的会员与朋友自由积极参加。

SCBA BBQ Party on Sunday July 24, 2016

Dear members and friends,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Seattle again. Our traditional SCBA annual summer BBQ picnic party is just around the corner. We would like to invite all of you to join us so new and old members can get together,
relax, and socialize. Bring your favorite summer sports, share a laugh (or perhaps frustration) with like-minded colleagues and friends, watch kids playing in the water, and savor the gourmet food personally served by your
favorite board members, all in a convenient and lovely setting by Lake Washington!

When: July 24th, 2016 (Sunday), 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Where: Mathews Beach Park (5100 NE 93rd St, Seattle 98115)

Fee: $10 for each adult, $5 for each child (above 10) and free for kids (10 and under)

In order to better prepare the event and to make sure we will have enough food, please reply by July 20th, 2016 to and indicate how many people from your family will be attending:

Number of adults___, children___, and kids___

If you have any questions, please contact Baohai Shao (

Thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you all.

Best regards,

Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association

Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association 二零一六年五月份学术活动通知 Academic Seminar in May 2016

时间:2016 年5 月28 日(星期六)晚上7:00 起
地点:华盛顿大学医学院K-450 会议室(1959 NE Pacific Street, Seattle, WA 98195)

1. 癌症治疗的最新进展和发展方向
Overview of Recent Progresses and Future Directions in Cancer Therapy
高泽人 博士 (Zeren Gao, Ph.D., SystImmune, Inc.)


2. 癌症治疗新进展:免疫检查点抑制剂疗法
Checkpoint Inhibitors in Cancer Treatment
廖新生 博士 (Xinsheng Michael Liao, M.D., Ph.D., Partner Oncology, Inc.)


有关事项: 1. 届时所有华盛顿大学校园内的停车场可以免费停车;
2. 有关本次活动的任何问题请与邵保海(联系。

SCBA Academic Career Panel Discussion Nov 21, 2015

Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association (SCBA) will be hosting a panel discussion on career development:

Path to be a faculty and a successful PI.

When: Nov. 21, 2015, Saturday, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
What: Panel Discussion on Academic Career Development
Where: UW Health Science Building Rm K-450
Address: 1959 NE Pacific Street Seattle 98115
Parking: Free Parking in UW S1 Parking Lot

At current economic and research funding situation, a lot of postdocs and PhD students feel that finding a faculty position and being a successful PI are difficult and challenging. In order to provide assistance and general advice in the academic career development, we have invited several highly successful faculty members in Seattle area to lead the panel discussion. The discussion leaders are at different stages of their career from junior faculty to well established professors. All of them had made very successful transitions from postdocs to faculty and they are extremely successful as PIs.

Career path is always case by case. However, there are many common features on finding a faculty position and on being a well funded PI. The invited discussion leaders will share their successful career stories and experience. They will also give general advice and suggestions. This panel discussion will provide a great chance for postdocs and graduate students to interact with successful PIs and to ask any questions they may have on their career development so they can be more prepared for their future career. The discussion will be especially helpful for those postdocs or PhD students who are planning to go on academic career pathway. Junior faculty will also find the discussion beneficial by hearing the successful stories and suggestions from well established professors.

Invited Panelists:

古良才 博士 Dr. Liangcai Gu, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Assistant Professor of Genome Sciences at UW
王 望 博士 Dr. Wang Wang, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at UW
白继红 博士 Dr. Jihong Bai, Assistant Member at Fred Hutch & Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry at UW
田 强 博士 Dr. Qiang Tian, Affiliate Associate Professor of Medicine at UW & Scientific Director at P4 Medicine Institute
林惠国 博士 Dr. Edward Lin, Associate Member at Fred Hutch & Associate Professor of Medicine at UW
郑 宁 博士 Dr. Ning Zheng, Professor of Pharmacology at UW & Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
许文清 博士 Dr. Wenqing Xu, Professor of Biological Structure at UW

Registration is not required but RSVP to is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

SCBA office


Up coming SCBA annual meeting, September 13th 2015

Featured Keynote speaker:
Dr Xiaodong Wang (王晓东 院士)
Director, NIBS, Beijing, Member of the National Academy of Sciences USA

Dear SCBA Members and Friends:

Our SCBA All-Members Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, September 13th, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM at the UW Genome Sciences Building Room Foege-060.

This year, we have lined up world class speakers from international and local academic and non-profit institutions. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Xiaodong Wang, Director, National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, Member of the USA National Academy of Sciences, and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Wang will talk about “Scientific innovation in China.” In addition, we will have Dr. Nathan Price, associate director of the Institute for Systems Biology and co-founder of Arivale, who will talk about “Scientific wellness and the pioneer-100 project.” Dr. Liangcai Gu, Assistant Professor, UW Biochemistry Department, who will talk about “Molecular interaction sequencing technologies for protein analysis and engineering.” And Dr. Qiang Tian, Scientific Director of the P4 Medicine Institute and Associate Professor, UW School of Medicine, who will talk about “P4Mi disease-wellness initiatives.”

Registration fee is $15 ($10 for students), which covers the annual membership. Free lunch will be provided for SCBA members.

Please RSVP to no later than Sunday, September 6, 2015 so that we can prepare logistics accordingly. Lunch may not be guaranteed without preregistration, so please RSVP today by replying this email!

Best Regards,

SCBA office


Special Lecture: Novel Cellular Factors Inhibiting HIV and Other Viral Infections

Speaker: Shan-Lu Liu, MD, Ph.D.
演讲人:刘善虑 博士
When: February 28, 2015 (Saturday), from 7:00 pm
时间:2015 年2 月28 日(星期六)晚上七时起
Where: Health Science Building, Room K-450
地点:华盛顿大学医学院K-450 会议室
Note: Free parking during seminar time in UW campus

About speaker: Dr. Shan-Lu Liu is currently an associate professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, and an investigator of Bond Life Sciences Center, University of Missouri. He is also an adjunct professor of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, McGill University. He received his medical training in China and his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Pathology at the University of Washington in 2003. He was named as Canada Research Chair in Virology and Gene Therapy at McGill University during 2005-2010. His current research is focused on membrane fusion and cellular entry of enveloped RNA viruses, as well as innate immunity to viral infections. The model viruses that his lab has been studying include HIV, influenza A virus, HCV, and Ebola virus. He will speak on two novel families of cellular factors, i.e., IFITMs (IFN-induced transmembrane proteins) and TIMs (T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain proteins), which broadly inhibit viral infections.

Best Regards,
SCBA office

October 2014

Dear SCBA Members and Friends:

As promised, our highly anticipated SCBA All-Member Meeting will take place on November 1st, Saturday, from 1:30pm to 6:00pm, at the UW Genome Sciences Building (Foege-060).

This year, we have lined up world class speakers from local academic and non-profit institutions, as well as biotech industry. The keynote speaker will be Dr. William A. Catterall, Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology at University of Washington, and a member of the US National Academy of Science and the Royal Society of London, UK. Dr. Catterall will speak on structural and functional studies of the voltage-gated sodium channels. In addition, we will have “2014 Gateway Cancer Researcher of the Year” Dr. Edward H. Lin from UW/FHCRC to share with us his award winning ADAPT trial for advanced colorectal cancer (CRC); Dr. Yiwu He, Associate Director of Translational Sciences from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to discuss vision and strategy for fighting global infectious diseases including Ebola; and Dr. Che-Leung Law, a Senior Director of Seattle Genetics, to talk about industrial perspective of drug development.

During the meeting, we will also elect new members to join the SCBA Board.

We highly encourage you all to come join us for this exciting event, discussing cutting-edge sciences, sharing the significant accomplishments of our members, and socializing.

The registration fee is $15, which covers the annual membership and a dinner.

Please RSVP to so that we can prepare logistics accordingly.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Dr. Ning Zheng ( and/or Dr. Qiang Tian (

We look forward to seeing you all on Nov. 1st.

Best regards,

SCBA Board